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Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis frequently happens in an aging population where the joints and discs deteriorate and encroach upon the exiting nerve roots.  This condition was diagnosed approximately 30 years ago with the advent of modern imaging technologies. 

We now appreciate this clinical problem more often since our population is living to an older age and we are demanding more activities of this aging population.  Frequently individuals will state that they are not able to walk as much as they once were.  Where they could walk a mile one year ago, they can now only walk several blocks before an aching tiredness in the legs is apparent.  These individuals note a deterioration in their activities of daily living—their ability to stand and walk, do marketing, and keep up with their peer group. 

Procedures that can be performed for spinal stenosis are numerous, ranging from conservative all the way to operative intervension.  Frequently individuals are assessed and injection therapies are offered.  If this fails, a decompressive laminectomy needs to be considered to keep the individual as active and ambulatory as possible.


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